Laugh is free

Laugh is free

A road maintenance worker experienced his son’s test in five years; his wife was seriously ill for half a year; his father died; the most valuable thing in his family was stolen; he was surrounded by a car.

  If you don’t know him, you may be valuable to him, and feel that his life is too fast.

But what he left to the people around him is still happy.

  In an industry-wide selection of “road guards”, the road maintenance worker was elected with a high vote.

At the roving lecture to introduce their deeds, the road maintenance worker talked about how to overcome various difficulties and be loyal to his job–“Everyone thought that I was a happy person. In fact, I lived very tired, but I must be happy.
When my son’s university is on the list, if I don’t stay optimistic, it will have a higher blow to him, to me, to my wife. My wife is in hospital for half a year. When I was busy, I was half dead every day, but I still hung my smile.Black people are afraid that she will lose her confidence; my father died, my heart was once empty, but people can’t resurrect. I have to adjust my mind quickly and actively face work and life. If I am stolen from home, it is a man-made disaster. I myself have to prevent it.Strict responsibility, blame the day, no matter whether it is useless or open-mouthed; and after all the breaks have been broken, I told myself that I should take a rest at this time. I can’t get rid of it, I don’t dare to smash it, I have to face the reality calmly–That is also a kind of happiness!

  When I don’t have enough money to buy a happy life, I laugh!

Laughing is free, it has caused me a lot of difficulties.”