What is the cause of hydrocele hydrocele?

What is the cause of hydrocele hydrocele?

What is the cause of hydrocele hydrocele?

I even heard people mention, retinal puncture and effusion, what is this disease?

The thyroid pill hydrocele is a cyst lesion formed by the accumulation of more than normal amount of fluid in the sheath lumen around the testis.

Let’s take a look at the retinal puncture effusion.

What are the causes of retinal puncture effusion?

What is retinal puncture effusion?

Hydrocele is formed by the secretion or absorption of the sheath, which is clinically thought to be caused by abnormal development of congenital sheath tissue.

The lymphatic system of the sheath develops late. When the lymphatic tissue of the sheath is not well developed, the peritoneal sheath is prematurely closed, and the fluid secreted by the sheath capsule cannot be absorbed, that is, it accumulates in the sheath capsule, forming a congenital sheath.Fluid.

Types of hydrocele: positive retinal puncture fluid, traffic retinal puncture fluid, fine retinal puncture hydrocele, mixed retinal puncture fluid.

Causes of hydrocele infection: This is a common cause of testicular hydrocele.

Often caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and various non-bacterial bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, etc. caused by acute and chronic epididymitis, orchitis, spermatic inflammation, arthritis pill inflammation.

Injury: This is a common cause of symptomatic spinal cord hydrocele.

Some conventional procedures, such as kidney transplantation, varicocele, and renal repair, have the probability of developing insulin pellicle effusion if not handled properly.

Obviously: the swelling of the retinal pill, epididymis, retinal pill, spermatic cord and other parts can invade the retinal pill, transform into secretions, infiltrate into the outflow or merge with the lymphatic system, and retinal puncture fluid appears.

Some systemic diseases: such as heart, kidney failure, liver disease, etc. caused by water, sodium retention, circulatory deposition, blocked lymphatic drainage, etc. can also occur insulin puncture effusion, mostly accompanied by systemic tissue edema or ascites.

How to prevent retinal puncture effusion?

1, can not have urinary behavior, pay attention to the restraint of sexual life.

2, daily attention to drinking more water.

3, pay attention to the scrotum site is squeezed or damaged.

4, develop good habits.

Tips: The appearance of lactic acid puncture fluid has an impact on patients’ lives and work, and also seriously affects their physical health. In life, we must pay attention to some details of life and prevent disease in advance.