Want to have a perfect hip?

Want to have a perfect hip?

Teach you to find a way to exercise!

Want to have a perfect hip?
Teach you to find a way to exercise!

The synonym of informal hips is more symbolic of the beauty of health.

The sister can check against yourself, see if your hips belong to certain shapes, and find out how to exercise. The young man can also find your girlfriend to compare it. Let a couple practice (the bachelor will see for himself).

V-shaped hip: upper width and lower narrow recommended movement: the excess meat of the V-type buttocks is mainly concentrated on the waist and the outside of the thigh. The rounded muscles are not developed, and the closer to the thigh, the more collapsed.

This type of hip can be improved by doing more strenuous exercise, using the thigh muscles to drive the calf up, so that the calf is thicker and the hip muscles close to the thigh can be exercised.

You can find a step or a box with a stable height as an auxiliary prop. It is recommended to start with a height of about 10 cm, do it for 3 minutes at a time, and do 4 for one day?
5 times, each group can rest for 1 minute.

H-type hip: the recommended movement for the upper and lower width: the rear side oblique angle step 蹲 H-type hip because it is the same width, up from the side, then the hips of this group will be less stereoscopic, while the waist of the H-shaped hips is redundantMeat will also have a tendency to grow horizontally.

In order to solve the problem that the top line is not obvious, it is recommended to use the back side angle to improve.

This exercise is aimed at the thigh area and the hip muscles that are difficult to practice (small muscles that are difficult to be cared for in the buttocks). Adding this movement to your daily exercise can make your legs and hips moregood looking!

O-hip: The middle width is narrow and the two are narrow. Recommended movement: deep, hip bridge, deep hip bridge, O-hip is the best of all hips. If you look a little more, it is perfect!

If you want to practice your legs, you can practice hip squats in addition to practicing squats.

The hip bridge is more irritating to the gluteus maximus than the squat. Remember to lift your body with your hips instead of your legs.

A-type hip: upper narrow and lower width recommended movement: standard lunge 蹲A-type hip, also called pear-shaped hip, this kind of hip-type women usually tend to hoard feces in the thigh, it is recommended to practice standard lunge.

The muscles and squats that can be stimulated by the arrow are basically the same, but because the body is easy to sway when doing the arrow, it will stimulate the muscles to maintain balance, so the intensity of the arrow is greater than that of the squat!

The best way to exercise is to add squats and lunges to the training program to ensure a more complete stimulation of the hip and leg muscles.

Here to give you a small reminder, when doing the arrow step, the leg forward can effectively exercise the butt muscles, while the legs backwards can stimulate the thigh muscles, everyone can take what they need.

In addition, in order to have a perfect hip, in addition to insisting on exercise, we must also change the four bad habits of sedentary, squat legs, high diet, and shoes that don’t fit.

They tend to cause your hips to sag, the hips to widen, and the hips to relax.