Hundreds of flowers into the cure for disease

Hundreds of flowers into the cure for disease

Hundreds of flowers into the cure for disease

Whether it is in the packaging of flower tea or flower products, the nature, efficacy, function and even indications of these flowers are mentioned. In fact, these are statements of Chinese medicine, so these flowers with various functions are themselves traditional Chinese medicine.

  ”Flower Chinese medicine is a category of traditional Chinese medicine. It contains many varieties. It has different functions according to the nature of different flowers. Since ancient times, anthers have played a very important role in the treatment of various diseases.

Zhang Guotai said.

  Experts pointed out that many flowers have very good curative effects in the treatment of diseases, such as acacia flowers, flat, sweet, have the effect of relieving depression and soothe the nerves, can be used for restlessness, depression and insomnia; and chrysanthemum can evacuate the wind and eye, raiseLiver Pinggan; Narcissus swelling and detoxification, clearing heat and relieving pain, phlegm and stagnation; lotus flower is often used to treat heatstroke, vomiting blood, insomnia, etc.; rose is worth a lot of value, has the effect of promoting blood circulation, beauty and beauty.

Early studies by domestic and foreign medical experts have shown that roses have special effects on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  In addition, our common peony is also the best in medicine, the flower, root and skin of peony are used as medicine.

Peony is flat, tastes bitter, has the effect of promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, attending women with irregular menstruation, and undergoing abdominal pain.

Peony root skin Chinese medicine is called “Danpi”, which is a precious medicine.