Teach you to treat your toes and strengthen yourself

Teach you to treat your toes and strengthen yourself

Teach you to treat your toes and strengthen yourself

Acupuncture points that affect the whole body are distributed on the human foot.

Among them, the brain, cerebellum, brain stem, nose, tongue, mouth, complication arteries, lymphatic glands and other organs (tissue) are concentrated in the toe, such as the correct massage stimulation, can achieve the purpose of enhancing memory.

  There is a reflection zone of each organ at the bottom of the foot. After some organs are deformed, they can be reflected on the reflection zone.

Massage and stimulate the corresponding reflex zone, which can promote local blood circulation, thus achieving the purpose of curing the disease.

  The toe claws and toes claws have the effect of enhancing memory.

The method of rubbing the toe nails is very simple. You can grab the big toe nails of your feet and do the squatting exercise. It takes several times a day, but it takes 2-3 minutes each time.

Because of memory, the computing power is related to the brain. Chinese medicine believes that “the kidney is the essence of the kidney, and the brain is the brain.” Therefore, the memory and calculation functions are dominated by the kidney, while the small toenail is the intervention site of the foot Shaoyin kidney.Claw enhancement enhances memory and computational power.

You can do some exercise by hand to rub the small toenail and its outside, as long as you sleep for 5 minutes before going to bed or at rest.

  It is best to wash your feet with warm water before you rub your feet. First, pay attention to personal hygiene. Second, warm water can promote blood circulation, and the effect will be better.

  When the foot massage is insomnia, the feet can be closed and rubbed together to make the blood circulation smooth.

When you feel warm in your feet, you can fall asleep in a short time.

The method is to sit on the bed, lift your feet and rub each other.

If the hands are also rubbed at the same time, the effect is better.

As long as you rub hard about 20 times, the feet will feel warm and drowsiness will come.

  Strike the soles of the feet and hit the soles of the feet with your fists every night before going to bed. It can eliminate the fatigue of the day, promote the blood circulation of the whole body, strengthen the internal organs and restore vitality.

The correct method is centered on the sole of the foot, rhythmically, with a slight pain, about 100 times per foot.

  If the blood circulation of the feet is not good, the visceral disorder will occur, and there will be signs of headache and loss of appetite.

Simple local stimulation of the foot can promote blood circulation.

Lying on the bed, let your feet shake in the air, then let your feet rotate like a bicycle.

Lasting 5?
After 6 minutes, the systemic blood circulation will be improved.

If people who are afraid of cold in winter practice this method, they will feel warm all over the body and help to improve sleep.

  The biggest advantage of walking barefoot is that the palm has the opportunity to exercise.

The sole of the foot is an important part of maintaining the balance of the human body, and the healthy person has a strong foot palm.

When walking, you can stimulate the palm of your foot and try to walk on the cobblestone road.

Let the five fingers separate movement is also a big advantage of walking barefoot.

For the health of the body, at home you can let your feet liberate from the shoes and socks and walk barefoot.