New mother breastfeeding diet slimming

New mother breastfeeding diet slimming

New mother breastfeeding diet slimming

If you lose weight from food, for breast-feeding mothers, it should be started after weaning.

Millions remember to take three physiological periods as the standard before you can start.

  And sports, especially those that are different from calving gymnastics, should be replaced by a doctor’s permission, one month after the birth.

  Although this is said to everyone, but during the lactation period, regular eating, desperately want to let the slimming mothers also have.

Especially in the lactation period, the diet of people who lose weight in breastfeeding should not affect the way of milk and body-building milk. There are still many ways.

  By the way, let’s talk about the basic principle of the famous barrel-type breast milk instead.

  First, in the diet, reasonable to adhere to three meals a day, and three meals.

(In the case of excessive weight loss, you can adjust the amount of rice appropriately.

Second, the main foods are: fat fish, shrimp, squid, octopus and the like.

(Meat, fish that are not grown up in thin fish are to be removed.

Third, it is necessary to properly ingest vegetables, seaweed, soybeans (tofu, natto and soy products). Add 1200 ml of water per day.

  Fifth, control edible dairy products, sweets, greasy food, coarse rice and cakes.

  To be frank, there is no end to saying all the taboos and the right food.

The basic principle of eating is that for mothers to maintain a balanced diet, that is, a good diet for breast milk.

A balanced diet can also be said to be a diet that is good for weight loss.

  In the lactation period, if this is not the case, it is only a simple partial eclipse. If you only continue to eat one kind of food, or eat a lot at a time, there will be problems in nutrition.

Even if it is slim down, it is only a moment.

  Even soybeans and rice, which are said to be good for the body, may only be allergic if they eat only these.

Therefore, nutritional balance is the most important.

  For dairy products such as cheese, it may cause mastitis, so be sure to pay attention when eating.

After this, add a certain amount of coarse rice.

Although coarse rice can promote the elimination of harmful substances, at the same time, the iron and calcium necessary for the body are excreted.

Sometimes it causes symptoms of mineral deficiency.

Especially for some women with anemia, if possible, they should be avoided as much as possible.

  In the lactation period, in addition to the problem of overeating, if you do not lose weight, do not care, after weaning, then the problem of weight loss is also ok.