Recommended-Love Mother is a one-day nutritional recipe for college entrance examination students

Recommended-Love Mother is a one-day nutritional recipe for college entrance examination students

Recommended: Love mother is a one-day nutritional recipe for college entrance examination students

The college entrance examination and the entrance examination are approaching day by day. How to scientifically arrange the children’s diet before the exam has become a topic of common concern for the majority of candidates.

Many parents may suspect that they are not nutritionists. In fact, as long as they are scientific and reasonable, home cooking can fully meet the nutritional needs of candidates.

Let’s take a closer look at the candidates’ daily nutrition recipes that we specially offer!

  ■Nutrition breakfast: The breakfast of the most important candidates must be eaten well.

If the breakfast is not good, not only does it have no spirit in the morning, but it is also very easy to cause lunch to be full, which affects the afternoon study.

It is necessary to know that the human body provides the main metabolism of energy to the brain, and the metabolism of brain cells is inseparable from protein and aunt.

Therefore, the amount of carbohydrates in the breakfast must be large, and the amount of protein and traces should be appropriate.

The amount of breakfast energy and various nutrients should account for about 30% of the total daily replenishment.

  Recommended recipes: a cup of fresh milk, one boiled egg, one fresh meat, one vegetable salad (lettuce, green pepper, small tomatoes, bean sprouts, onions, etc.).

  Warm Tips: You can add a little cereal to the fresh milk. The cereal can not only provide the necessary residue, but also rich in vitamins and minerals. After the vegetable salad is mixed, you can sprinkle some fried black sesame seeds.The deliciousness of the vegetable salad has been increased and the nutrition has been enriched.

  Nutrition Review: 1.

Gold is mainly found in cereals.

Oatmeal and steamed buns not only provide enough small amount for the human body, but also make scientific and reasonable matching of coarse and fine grains.


Milk, eggs and fresh meat provide the body with high-quality protein, as well as a variety of vitamins and trace elements, especially lecithin in the egg yolk is a great food for brain and brain.


Vegetable salads contain a variety of vegetables, which are rich in vitamins because they are washed and eaten raw.

The human body is weakly alkaline under normal conditions. Protein, protein and a small amount are acidic foods. If the human body is acidic, it will feel fatigue, and vegetables are alkaline foods, so it can regulate the body to maintain a weak alkaline state.


Black sesame seeds are essential for fatty acids – linoleic acid, iron, and calcium. The iron content is twice that of pig liver and six times that of egg yolk.

Iron is an essential raw material for the production of red blood cells in the blood. The nutrition of the brain is transported by blood, so black sesame seeds can improve brain and puzzle and improve memory.

In addition, the vitamin E and selenium contained in black sesame are natural antioxidants, which can alleviate the fatigue of brain cells.

  ■Nutrition lunch: Energy is prepared through a whole morning of preparation, and the stress of the candidates is easy to fatigue, so it is urgent to replenish energy.

Therefore, lunch should be more abundant, food types can be supplemented, and all kinds of nutrients are strived for.

The supply of lunch energy and various nutrients should account for about 40% of the full-day supply.

  Recommended recipe: one kelp stewed pork ribs, one fried mushroom with rapeseed, one bitter bitter gourd, one melon meatball soup, and one rice.

  Warm Tips: Kelp stewed pork ribs can be stewed with some carrots. Carrots are rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. It not only protects vision, but also is an antioxidant that can protect well.The body cells, of course, also include brain cells; the meatballs in the melon meatball soup can be fresh fish balls, chicken meat balls or pork balls, and some mushrooms and tofu can be placed in the soup; rice can be two rice (rice, millet).It can also be sweet potato rice, red bean rice, or corn rice rice (rice plus fine corn rice).

  Nutrition Review: 1.

Kelp and ribs are rich in protein, which is a good complement to physical strength and brain power.

Kelp is an alkaline food, and ribs are acidic foods. The combination of the two can maintain the body’s “acid-base balance.”


Candidates are prone to cause liver fires due to long-term stressful preparations. Bitter melon and winter melon are the best foods for clearing the liver and purging fire.


Adding tofu in the soup not only increases the intake of plant protein for the body, but also supplements various nutrients such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B and vitamin E.

To know that the vitamin B content of beans is several times that of cereals, vitamin B is a substance that cannot be ingested by sugar metabolism, and it also directly affects the brain’s utilization of energy.

  ■Nutrition dinner: Digestion is very important After a long day of stressful preparations, candidates have already felt tired and tired, dinner time should not be too late, suitable from 6 to 6:30.

Dinner should be moderate, not too full or too little.

The rice is light and digestible.The supplement of dinner energy and various nutrients accounts for about 30% of the full-day supplement.

  Recommended recipes: a steamed fish, a spiced sauce duck, a garlic spinach, a yuba, a gold and silver roll, and a green bean soup.

  Warm Tips: Spiced Sauce Duck can also be replaced with sauce beef, sauce pork, sauce chicken, etc., eat two or three pieces, do not eat more; garlic spinach must pay attention to spinach in boiling water, remove oxalic acid,It is best to add some black fungus, mung bean vermicelli, etc. in the spinach; add a little bit of peanuts, carrot pieces, onion silk, scallions, celery stems and other vegetables in the yuba, so that not only the vitamins are added, but also the supplementary fiber is added;Gold and silver rolls are made from flour and cornmeal. When steaming the basket and drawer, you can put some red dates, walnuts and pine nuts on the gold and silver rolls, which can greatly increase the deliciousness of the gold and silver rolls.

  Nutrition Review: 1.

Fish contains high-quality protein, which is more easily digested and absorbed by humans and birds.

Fish have an unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 80% and a digestibility of 95%.

The mineral content of fish is also much higher than other meats.

Therefore, eating fish at dinner is easy to digest and absorb, and it also supplements the body with rich nutrition.


Garlic has the functions of anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, detoxification and disease prevention. At the same time, the combination of allicin in garlic and vitamin B1 in food can inhibit mental excitement and relieve the mental stress of candidates.


Black fungus is known as “the scorpion of the prime”, “the king of the prime”, known as iron, vitamin K, lecithin, lysine, leucine and other nutrients, with blood and blood circulation, sedative paineffect.


The gold and silver coils are excellent in the combination of coarse and fine grains and a combination of various nutrients.

Jujube, walnut kernels and pine nuts add flavor to the gold and silver rolls, although they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which have the effect of brain and mind, and calm the nerves.


Mung bean has a high nutritional value, not only rich in protein, but also high in calcium and iron.

In addition, mung bean soup also has the effect of purging fire and eyesight, clearing away heat and detoxifying, moistening throat and quenching thirst, which is very suitable for candidates.

  ■ Nutritional new candidates should have a small amount of meals between meals.

Should generally choose at 9 am?
10 o’clock and 3 o’clock in the afternoon?
At 4 o’clock, eating an apple, kiwi or other fresh fruit at this time is a good choice.

In the evening, drink a bowl of lily lotus seed white fungus soup, you can tandem the nerves and soothe the nerves, and promote the role of sleep.

  The diet in the pre-examination examination should be similar to usual. The dietary arrangement during the examination should not be particularly different from the usual.

Experts from the Nutrition Center remind candidates and parents to pay special attention to the following aspects during the exam: a bogey tonic.

Every time a big test is taken, many parents always buy some supplements to “fill” the child’s brain.

In fact, learning and memory are difficult to improve rapidly through short-term supplementation of nutraceuticals.

  Second, avoid greed and seek more.

Before the test, a large amount of big fish and big meat, Shanzhen seafood, etc., children not only poor absorption, easy diarrhea, etc., will increase the supply of blood into the inflow, so that the blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced, eventually leading to brain dullness and lack of thinking.

  The third is to pay attention to hypoglycemia.

Candidates who often experience syncope in the examination room, mostly because of insufficient blood supply, the main dietary reasons for such candidates may be that they do not eat breakfast, or because the main meal is not enough, so pay attention to pay attention to a balanced diet.

  Four bogey recipes changed face.

Exams before the exam is a taboo for the candidates, which may cause the stomach upset of the candidates, especially in the three days before the test, do not suddenly eat unfamiliar food or food that is not often eaten.

  Five bogey diet is not hygienic.

Unhygienic diet can cause bloating, diarrhea, and even severe dehydration, causing shock, which directly affects the exam, which is a taboo for students and parents.