At the beginning of sex, it is difficult for women

At the beginning of sex, it is difficult for women

At the beginning of sex, it is difficult for women

For the first time, it is the long-awaited male and female love moment.

But for a few women, it is not happy at the moment, and even extreme is the mental and physical torture.

And listen to their inner feelings: Xiaolan: When my boyfriend and I are screaming, my boyfriend often sighs from the heart: “It is really comfortable with you, but if you can have more things, you will feel perfect.”.
“Of course I understand what my boyfriend is referring to. In fact, he has asked me more than once.

  And I, although I have already identified him in my heart, but every time I am at the critical moment of “short-handedness”, I still can’t help but think of my childhood. When my neighbor’s big brother suddenly pulls out the ugly scene of his furry, fleshy ugly things, I willWill instinctively push open my boyfriend. Fortunately, my boyfriend is very fond of me, he said that I am a good girl, he will respect me until the sweet cave night.

I really have a hard time saying.

  Choi: I am just 19 years old this year. Because I have been working at home since childhood, my body has been very good. It’s just that I don’t like the other girl’s baby, I will come to “the thing” every month.

But Ama said it doesn’t matter, saying that some women will come later, and it may be better to get married.

  At that time, I thought it was simple, not to be better, and to save trouble.

However, when I got married last month, my husband got a half-day when I was in the house, but I could only go in a little.

My husband said that there seems to be something blocking me there.

What is going on here?

  Auntie: I am an orphan, married two years ago.

Two years after the marriage, the stomach did not see a little movement.

There are three filial piety and no filial piety.

After the Spring Festival this year, the in-laws of the honest Pakistani finally couldn’t help but ask us to go down the mountain to check the body.

Who knows, there is no problem with the inspection.

  The doctor asked us how we were in the same room. We answered it truthfully, and the doctor immediately widened his eyes after listening.

We only know that we have never really lived together with us – we have no sexual knowledge, and we think that it is sexual intercourse to rub ejaculation outside.

  At that time, I really couldn’t wait to have a hole in it so that I could drill inside.

  According to the doctor’s comments, the first-time discomfort of women is not satisfactory, and there is a feeling of relief and even pain.

  However, most women can adapt quickly, but a few have been unable to perform normal sexual life due to various mental or physical reasons, seriously affecting the feelings between husband and wife, and even causing infertility.

  These women are mainly characterized by sexual intercourse fear, inability to insert, vaginal obstruction, and sexual pain.


Fear of sexual intercourse refers to the state of fear involuntarily when faced with sexual intercourse or about to be inserted.

Shows panic, worry and resistance, such as Xiao Lan in the above.

Most of them suffer from excessive sexual cutting and mental strikes (such as rape, sexual abuse, etc.) before formal sexual intercourse, or have had headaches during their first sexual life, and a few have received inappropriate and appropriate sex education, exaggerated sexuality, pain andThe injury is said.

  We have been treated with such a patient and still cannot live sex after marriage.

After each untidying, she was tightened by her husband, and her heartbeat accelerated, unable to breathe, and then the lower abdomen fracture pain, limbs stiff, and then violently pushed away her husband.

  After repeated and careful inquiry, it turned out that when she was 10 years old, once on the way out of school, she was raped by a knife-carrying gangster to the unmanned woods.

At that time, she was terrified and the pain almost passed out.

  Therefore, before each sexual intercourse after marriage, she could not help but think of the tearing pain of the lower body, the face of the gangster and the sharp knife.

  After understanding the crux of the matter, we conducted many psychological counseling and sexual guidance on her, and finally solved the problem.


Vaginal contraction When the penis is inserted into the vagina, the pelvic floor muscles and vagina appear contractile contraction, can not be loose, more often with body stiffness, the penis is stuck and difficult to pull out, this situation is rare.

Mostly because the woman’s spirit is too tight, coupled with pain induced during insertion.

  The treatment is psychological treatment, progressive genital stroking and using lice, and if necessary, use the drug beforehand.

  3.Vaginal malformations include hymen atresia, congenital absence of vagina, vaginal diaphragm and so on.

The hymen atresia, after puberty, due to menstrual blood can not be discharged, reflux pelvic cavity, resulting in lower abdominal pain, the interval is equivalent to the menstrual cycle.

  These women can’t have sex, but the treatment is simple, just a hymen incision.

  Congenital non-vaginal, most uterus is not developed, not only can not have sexual intercourse, and no fertility, such as normal ovarian function, without any discomfort.

Feasible artificial vaginoplasty to solve their sexual life problems.

  Complete vaginal septum, menstrual blood can not be discharged, there will be complications of abdominal pain; incomplete vaginal septum, without any symptoms, but the penis can not be deeply inserted during sexual intercourse, color month may be the existence of incomplete vaginal transverseSeparate.

Where possible, a transverse resection is feasible.


I don’t understand how to have sexual intercourse like aunt. Because of lack of sexual knowledge, I don’t know how to have sex.

In the past, I heard that someone actually had a big joke against the navel.

  However, in modern information society, such couples are very rare.