The elderly sleep, should be warm and warm

The elderly sleep, should be warm and warm

The elderly sleep, should be warm and warm

There is a lot of learning about sleep, and the elderly should pay more attention to it.

When sleeping, the brain should be cold and cool, while the abdomen should be warm and warm.

  The famous health care master of the Qing Dynasty, Cao Tingdong’s “Health Bible” and “Old and Old Hengyan” Cloud: The head is the head of Zhuyang.

The three yangs of the human body and the three yangs of the foot are concentrated in the head, so the head is the place where the human yang is concentrated, and it is also the most vigorous place for human yang.

The head is the part of the human body that is least afraid of freezing.

Even in the winter, when the weather is cold, there is no need to cover your head when you sleep.

Keep your head out and keep your head cool.

  There is another important reason for not sleeping, and that is to maintain a smooth breathing.

We all know how to vomit the new essence of the human body, sleep on the head, poor breathing, will reduce the intake of oxygen, increase the accumulation of carbon dioxide, and directly affect the body’s metabolism.

  On the contrary, the abdomen must be kept warm.

“Old and old Hengyan” cloud: “The abdomen is the total of the five internal organs, so the belly is warm, the elderly are weak, and it is better to add warmth, to do the stomach, . the night is necessary, and often can not be taken off.”The abdomen is where the five internal organs meet, and it is an important place for blood and blood to run.

When sleeping, people enter a quiet state, blood and blood run slowly, cold evil is easy to invade.

Therefore, the abdomen must be warm when sleeping, the warmth of the abdomen is warm, and the five internal organs are warm and smooth.

The yang of the elderly is already empty, so it should be noted.

  The apron that we can only see on the stage now is actually a thing that the Chinese have used for thousands of years. It is simple and scientific.

In the night, sleep in the abdomen to prevent night cold.

Also used during the day.

If you have a cold and painful stomach, you can use a dry apron such as ginger or cinnamon to treat it.

  A pair of straps can be attached to the apron to tighten it. It is about seven or eight inches (about 24 cm) wide. It is fastened with a belt, the front is covered with a belly, and the back is covered with a waist.

The elderly may wish to make a belly pocket, and lay a thin layer of silk cotton in the mezzanine, both to protect the abdomen and protect the waist. Why not?