Bamboo 竿 type MM modified day flat hip

Bamboo 竿 type MM modified day flat hip

Bamboo 竿 type MM modified day flat hip

Thin and beautiful women, I hope that the hip type can be tilted a bit, and the original bamboo-shaped beauty of the buttocks, how to put the cost of the hip type, and then create magic?

  For people who are thin, it may be that parents have not taken good care before puberty, but now that you have grown up, you must do your homework for sculpting!

In terms of diet, you can eat high-nutrition things, even meat that girls don’t dare to eat. You don’t have to be too scared. You can also eat more seaweed, such as kelp, sea cucumber, crab, squid, shrimp,This kind of high protein stuff like Haizhepi will be very suitable for you.

  If you are a skinny and thinner beauty, you can follow the editors out of nothing, and you will be able to do it in a flat, meat-free sport!

  Lift the beautiful buttocks movement 1.

Inhale, put your body on the exercise mat, bend your elbows 90 degrees, palm down, right leg bent 90 degrees, lie on the yoga bricks, the left leg straight, the toes point on the ground, the bodyAnd the spine maintains a straight line, or wears a chiropractic band, and the complications are shaken or left in a U shape.


Exhale, the straight left leg will be raised from the ground.

At this time, be careful not to appear that the back is concave and the belly is convex forward.

  ◎This action is a standard action from Steps 1 to 2. Please do 8-12 times for each leg.

  The clip is a beautiful hip exercise.

Inhale, put your hands in the waist, and the energy yoga bricks are clipped in the thighs (the roots of the thighs closest to the buttocks), and the toes are naturally facing forward.


Exhale, stretch your hands backwards, and apply force from the hip cavity and thighs. Clamp the energy yoga bricks continuously. The number of seconds of clamping warpage is equal to your weight in kilograms. For example, 42 kg of Sun Yanzi is correct.The hip seconds are 42 seconds.

  It’s quite a beautiful hip exercise.

Inhale, place your body on the exercise mat, hold the energy yoga bricks on both knees, bend your legs, place your feet on the ground, put your hands on the left and right sides, and lower your palms.


The hip cavity is pressurized to lift the body, and the yoga bricks are clamped on the knees to enhance the hip-lifting effect. This action stops in the air for 12-18 seconds, and the breath can be breathed freely.

  Beautiful girl fruit beautiful hip film, maintenance pink small PP material: a dragon fruit a practice: 1.

The dragon fruit is hollowed out.


The peel turned over.

  Beautiful buttocks: After the shower, prepare the pitaya peel and gently rotate it on the left side by drawing a circle.

When the skin of the chest passes through the friction of the buttocks membrane, the temperature rises slightly and the skin appears healthy and rosy.

  Beautiful buttocks time: three times a week, one minute left and right hips.

You can maintain your little PP, just as tender as a baby.