Why are the old people who are deaf?

Why are the old people who are deaf?

Why are the old people who are deaf?

My dad was nearly seventy years old. I was very cheerful and open-minded. I won the respect and love of my family.

After starting deafness every month, my character suddenly changed, getting along with others, and being suspicious. I don’t know why?

Hefei Zhang Ling, in fact, your father suffered from deafness and suspicion, a more serious psychological disorder.

After the old man is deaf, it is very laborious to listen to people, and the speaker is very tired. As a result, family and friends are not willing to talk to him. The old man can’t listen to others, he is not willing to talk with others, and closes himself, thus causing loneliness.Depression and suspicious.

This kind of communication difficulties has caused the elderly to suffer severe blows in their hearts, causing serious worries and feelings of loss. Coupled with the old age, the social pattern has changed, the old and the old have declined, and they are always afraid of others looking down. Long hair produces inferiority.sense.

The more inferior, the more concerned about the attitude of others towards themselves, the stronger the sensitivity, so that a series of conjectures will be generated for an inconspicuous movement, and gradually become hostile and attacking against others.

  Therefore, as a family member or a child, you should understand the psychological changes of the deaf person. The specific advice is to help the elderly build new hobbies.

The biggest pain of deaf people is the lack of life motivation. They can help the elderly to buy some goldfish, small animals like birds, and let him add new life.

Let him interact with friends, family and friends.

The family talks with him more, although he can’t hear it all, but the function of the dialogue is to convey the message, and it is also the expression of love.

The action of closeness is more consoling the heart of the old man than the language.

More accompanying old people go out for a walk and play.

Children and their companions should always accompany the old man to go outside to look at it, using visual, tactile, smelling, and taste to make up for their lack of hearing.