Spring teaches you to stretch your body to make your body healthier

Spring teaches you to stretch your body to make your body healthier

Spring teaches you to stretch your body to make your body healthier

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records: “Hepatic main tendons, kidney main bone, spleen main meat, heart main vein, lung main fur.

“So in addition to raising the liver in spring, you need to pull the lacing and stretch your body.

  The direct effect of lacing is pain, detoxification, and enhancement of bodily functions.

What is the principle?

  First of all, the trend of the twelve tendons is the same as that of the twelve meridians, so the meridians at the tendons are not open, and the pain is not acceptable.

During the process of lacing, there will be pain in the ankles, thighs, armpits, etc., indicating that these parts are squashed, and the corresponding meridians are not smooth.

  The lacing softens the ribs and restores the dislocation of the upper layer of the spine, so that the bones are soft and sturdy, the blood and blood flow, the waist, the limbs and the pain around the whole body, hemp, swelling, etc., thereby eliminating and slowing down.

  At the top, the lacing can open the Du Meridian and the bladder of the tail, which is of great significance to health, because the Du Meridian is the meeting of the Sun, the channel of vitality, the pulse is enhanced by the kidney, and the kidney is the innate essence.Source, human toxicity, and strong sexual ability all depend on the strong kidney function.

  The Du Meridian is on the spine, and the spinal cord goes straight to the brain, so the spine is inextricably linked to brain diseases.

The bladder is the largest detoxification system in the human body. It is also an important barrier against the wind and cold. When the bladder is smooth, the cold is difficult to invade. The internal poison is discharged at any time. Obesity, constipation, acne, pigmentation and other symptoms are naturally eliminated and slowed down.

According to Western medical theory, the main nerves that connect the brain and the organs are attached to the spine and the bones on both sides.

Unblocking the spine up and down naturally cleared up a lot of visible health “mines.”

  Busy work, lots of housework, poor health. Don’t look for excuses for you to escape from sports.

  If you often feel a backache, squatting hard, and a heel pain when walking. these all indicate that your tendons are inelastic.

Chinese medicine refers to human skin, meat, tendons, bones and veins as “five bodies”, of which ribs are especially important.

There is a cloud in the old saying, “The rib is one inch long and the life is ten years long.” The “Yi Jin Jing” also records the substitution of gluten and health: “The weak gluten is loose, the gluten is strong, and the gluten is strong.”

“Whether it is traditional Chinese fitness exercises, such as tendons, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi, or modern gymnastics, aerobics, yoga, are all suitable for lacing fitness steps.

Here are a few simple “lacing” exercises for everyone: “Golden Chicken Independent” feet are separated from the shoulder width, and the eyes are slightly closed.

Place your hands naturally on your sides, lift one foot, and stretch your legs for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then change legs and repeat 3 times.

  People without basic diseases can also practice the upgraded version step by step, that is, one leg alignment, the right hand grasp the right toe, and then try to pull back slowly, while the body should remain upright, the pelvis should not tilt (for example, 3), keep 15?
20 seconds, then change to another leg.

  “Climbing the wall and touching the ear” face up, use your hands or one hand to slowly climb up along it, try to stretch the whole body and then slowly retreat, return to the original place and repeat.

Or touch the opposite ear with your fingers and fingers over the top of your head. The two hands are alternated and repeated more than 20 times a day.

  ”Tianwang Tota” sat on the floor, raised his hands above the head, palms up, shoulders and elbows; his tongue licked, his nose twirled; when inhaling, both hands tried hard to get on until it was tight;When you are angry, relax your body, and turn your palms forward and forward. Put your palms in the waist and punch your fists.
20 times.

  ”Open the door to see hi” Use the door frame of your home or office, hold the door frame on both sides with both hands, the body is parallel with the door frame, the head is upright, and the two eyes are looking straight ahead; one foot is in front, the other is in the lunge, the other foot is in the back, the leg is trying to stretchStraighten; use force to reduce the amplitude until there is a tightness, so the posture is shortened by 3 minutes, and then a leg is stretched for 3 minutes.

  It should be noted that there are high blood pressure, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, long-term infirm, long-term illness, etc., must be in accordance with the doctor’s advice, can not be good at taking this exercise, so as not to counterproductive, hurt the body.